Cruelty free salon

Would you go cruelty free?

How much do you really know about cruelty free beauty?

Only a few weeks ago, it dawned on me… Animal testing… How can anyone feel it’s right to test our cosmetics and cleaning products on animals, from monkeys to mice, dogs and cats? The answer? All of us! All of us that buy into non cruelty free products, we are all guilty and probably quite ignorant! I was until I got Poppy the puppy. It breaks my heart to think that people could stick needles into her eyes and torture her with products that burn her and cause her pain and eventually death. Sorry to sound morbid but this is genuinely what happens to these poor captive animals.

Cruelty free salon
This beautiful creature knows he’s handsome.

Animal testing is banned in the EU, Israel, India and Norway but it doesn’t stop animal testing in other countries. Some of these countries are considering a ban on animal testing such as Australia, USA and New Zealand. Ingredients are tested on animals in other countries then used in products that are then sold in the EU. You’ll also find one brand may not test on animals but the company that owns that brand will allow testing on animals.

It’s not all bad news!

But good news, times are changing, people are becoming more aware and the leaping bunny symbol is becoming seen on so many more products! I’ll challenge you to check through your toiletries and make-up to see how many products you own are cruelty free! (You’ll find the little bunny symbol on the back) You’ll be very surprised at how little products are actually cruelty free. To see a full list of cruelty free products, click here.

cruelty free salon
These are some of the symbols to look out for on your products.

I am not at all saying everyone should be squeaky clean after reading this and chuck their favourite cosmetics because they’re tested on animals but it is definitely something to think about when your products are getting low and you go on the hunt for another, just think about checking the list from Cruelty Free International or doing your own research before you again buy into animal cruelty. I did and I definitely won’t be looking back. Book here for your cut and blowdry to experience the power of styling with cruelty free products! (I promise you, you’ll be amazed)


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