Aftercare Advice

We know that you will enjoy your nails while you are wearing INK and we expect your manicure to last wonderfully for at least 14 days as long as you reward them with some care and attention during this time.

  • Please use gloves while doing anything manual/hard on your nails e.g. Gardening, Cleaning or using any harsh chemicals.
  • Please DO NOT pick your INK polish off. This will damage the nail underneath.
  • If you’re going on holiday, please take care while applying sun lotion or insect repellent and oils. These all contain solvents which will cause damage to your Polish and will encourage lifting.
  • Some of the more delicate INK colours can fade if in contact with chlorinated water followed by excessive sun (bear in mind that chlorine is bleach and the sun will intensify the bleaching action). Please dry your hands after swimming and before sunbathing to avoid any colour fading.
  • Please use a drop of your INK Cuticle Oil twice a day. This will keep the moisture in your skin and nails and will help keep the polish flexible and will prolong the life of your INK Manicure. INK Cuticle oil is retailed at £4.50 and has been made specifically to use with your INK Polish.
  • If you wish to temporarily change the colour of your nails whilst wearing your INK manicure you can use nail enamel over the INK but please do not use acetone remover if you remove the polish between appointments.
  • Depending on your individual lifestyle, your INK manicure will require a fortnightly or three-weekly maintenance, as there will be obvious regrowth. At this point, we can either re-INK your nails (removing existing INK colour and applying a fresh, new colour) or remove INK completely, which takes a brief 8 minutes.
  • Please refrain from removing your INK manicure at home as incorrect removal can lead to damaging the nails. Please call me on 07817463916 if there are any problems.