Trend Vision Insight

So, this is a little bit late but I thought I’d crack on with my first blog…

The day after Valentines day, I went to Bournemouth to attend the Wella Trend Vision Insight – This was a really great experience, even my partner came with me and he loved it! We walked in to the bar area and had a drink on the business – Thank you very much – there were so many other professionals around some with great hair (some with not such great hair) but it was interesting to see everyone turn up to the same event that I was at. I wondered what all their background stories were, how long have they been in the industry, what do they specialise in, were they all hairdressers or were they partners/mums/dads? So many questions racing around my mind but everyone looked the part!

We all sat down in a kind of square shape… There was a large square lit up stage in front of us and then 4 podiums at each corner of the room. The host started to introduce the evening and showed everyone the podiums and what they meant – they were the 4 categories of the competition – Creative, Colour, Catwalk and Men’s Grooming.

The host then played a short video about the new campaign Wella was launching which is called #stylistsdoitbetter – This was for me a really emotional video, even though it wasn’t made to make you cry, it definitely made me SO proud of what I do and all the people I help along the way – it went something along the lines of “your stylist makes you feel beautiful even when you don’t really feel it, your stylist is your best friend and your therapist, your stylist makes you find the strength to do the things you couldn’t have done without them, your stylist can make you realise your dreams, your stylist etc etc…” It really did make me think about those clients who confide in me and let me help them or make them feel more beautiful than they ever could imagine, the ones that have been through some shit times and come to me for reassurance and advice and the ones who keep it all quiet but once they see the work I’ve done, they realise how rubbish they did actually feel and just hug me to say thank you… that is why stylists do it better! It makes my job totally worth it.

Paul and his team from Cheynes Hairdressing presented 5 models to us, all of which looked absolutely fantastic! Here are a few photos from the evening! The two main new trends is 3D hair and PastForward! Looking forward to see the rest of 2017’s styles.