Would you go cruelty free?

How much do you really know about cruelty free beauty?

Only a few weeks ago, it dawned on me… Animal testing… How can anyone feel it’s right to test our cosmetics and cleaning products on animals, from monkeys to mice, dogs and cats? The answer? All of us! All of us that buy into non cruelty free products, we are all guilty and probably quite ignorant! I was until I got Poppy the puppy. It breaks my heart to think that people could stick needles into her eyes and torture her with products that burn her and cause her pain and eventually death. Sorry to sound morbid but this is genuinely what happens to these poor captive animals.

This beautiful creature knows he’s handsome.

Animal testing is banned in the EU, Israel, India and Norway but it doesn’t stop animal testing in other countries. Some of these countries are considering a ban on animal testing such as Australia, USA and New Zealand. Ingredients are tested on animals in other countries then used in products that are then sold in the EU. You’ll also find one brand may not test on animals but the company that owns that brand will allow testing on animals.

It’s not all bad news!

But good news, times are changing, people are becoming more aware and the leaping bunny symbol is becoming seen on so many more products! I’ll challenge you to check through your toiletries and make-up to see how many products you own are cruelty free! (You’ll find the little bunny symbol on the back) You’ll be very surprised at how little products are actually cruelty free. To see a full list of cruelty free products, click here.

These are some of the symbols to look out for on your products.

I am not at all saying everyone should be squeaky clean after reading this and chuck their favourite cosmetics because they’re tested on animals but it is definitely something to think about when your products are getting low and you go on the hunt for another, just think about checking the list from Cruelty Free International or doing your own research before you again buy into animal cruelty. I did and I definitely won’t be looking back. Book here for your cut and blowdry to experience the power of styling with cruelty free products! (I promise you, you’ll be amazed)


The Hottest Hair Trends 2018

Which hair trends, colours, cuts and styles will inspire you in 2018?

From bright to balayage, beach waves to top knot and lob cut to bowl cut – we will cover 2018 hair trends right here!

The Bright

With bright coloured hair being ‘the norm’ now-a-days, no one looks twice (unless they’re boring or stuck in their ways), which, in essence means you can push the boat out and really experiment with different hair trends in 2018 without the judgement you may have got 5 years ago!

Bright blue is very much in this year – I have personally had blue hair and had no end of compliments and comments! Majority of them being positive.

Bright pink, bright yellow… screw that, in fact, any bright colour goes this year. Last year we saw the pastels – this year we’re bold and fierce! If you do opt for bright hair, you HAVE to be aware that it’s very high maintenance and you’ll likely need a few sessions to get that light – if you’re not sure what to do, book in a consultation with me and we can talk through options for you!

My beautiful client with her beautiful new pink hair!

The Balayage

Balayage, Bolayage, Blayage, Balay, Balalyage… However you say it or what ever you might call it (its pronounced Baa-Lay-arge, lots of emphasis on the ‘arge’ if you’re from down south 😉 )

Balayage is probably one of THE biggest hair trends going, along side the ‘I want grey hair in 2 hours’ trend. I definitely specialise in it and do all kinds of Balayage.

Balayage is just hand painted highlights, so you can be as creative as you like with them, build up the blonde, stick to babylights, go multi-tonal but whichever one you pick, you’re likely to need several sessions. The great news is, once you’ve achieved the required look, its extremely low maintenance. Perhaps just book for the occasional toner to stop the lightened bits from going brassy af. Click here to book a consultation or for me to work my magic on getting you balay-ready.

Subtle balayage on another lovely client

the Beach Waves

Beach waves can be done on any length hair and are absolutely perfect for the tousled summer look. You gals who have a great balayage will totally rock this style better than anyone else, especially the natural looking balayages – the biggest tips for achieving this look at home is using some professional salt spray – I recommend Oway Salt Spray (which will be in stock soon to purchase from the salon) after curling your hair loosely with flat irons or curling irons, brush out with your fingers and add some salt spray and again texturise with your fingers for some beach ready curls!

Blond Bombshell!

 The Top Knot

Top knots are not new to 2018 – This applies for men and women – but they are still at the height of hair trends. Top knots are just hair tied in a messy bun situated on top of the head. It goes well with the wavy, undone look that recent years have brought to us.

They’re not for everyone but they are loved by many and so easy to achieve.

Baby top knot (cute)


Oh my goodness – this haircut is as popular as the mullet cut was in the 70’s! But it suits so many people and there are so many variations of it. Definitely my most asked for hair cut. (Again, suits the balayage gals and the beach waves) The lob  (Long Bob) is not as short as the bob, but not as long as shoulder length but somewhere in between. It tends to be a straight cut but also looks great with some texturising. If you’re looking to go shorter, this is the hair cut for you. Its a mid way point. Easy to grow but not to much to cut off to go shorter either! Click here to book your Lob restyle! If you are looking to grow your hair, read my last blog post for 3 trade secrets on how to grow your hair!

The Lob – See how it transforms hair!

The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is coming back into fashion just like drain pipes/skinny jeans did. I swore to my mum, I would never wear them in a million years… 10 years down the line, here I am, in skinny jeans and STILL looking fashionable! The bowl cut is slowly crawling back, although, not to everyone’s taste. It can give a modern classy look as well as a more vintage ‘edgy’ look. I have to say, I’ve not done a bowl cut yet… Who wants to be the first?

edgy af

If you’re still unsure about what style or colour to go for next, just book online for a consultation and we can have a chat to see what will suit you and your lifestyle.

Grow your hair with 3 trade secrets

do you want to grow your hair?

If yes, carry on reading… If you’re reading this, you’re probably suffering with multiple bad hair days and a continuous struggle to grow your hair. The struggle is real. Those fly-aways, split ends, greasy roots or faded colour. Lets face it, we dont feel as hot as we should when this happens, do we girls?

Here I will share my expert knowledge and 3 trade secrets, just for you! Every girl deserves long and lovely, salon worthy hair without the price tag! (and the long-ass trip to the salon every morning)

Trim those locks, girl.

In order to grow your hair, let your favourite hairdresser trim your hair every 6-8 weeks – “I want to grow my hair but you’re telling me I need to cut it regularly?” Yes! That’s exactly it. Your hair will grow around about half a millimetre per day, this unfortunately only equals half an inch per month so leave it about 8 weeks if your hair is healthy enough and ask for just a little trim. You need to ensure the moment you see split ends, you get your hair cut because guess what,split ends love to do? Yep, that’s right, they split, this then makes each hair strand thinner and weaker because it has split in half, then it breaks! This is why your hair isn’t growing. The next steps are just as important, mind you! Click here to book your fresh trim.


Olaplex is your new best friend!

Olaplex the shit out of your hair – If its good enough for the Kardashians, its good enough for us. They use it with all of their colours – they even sleep in it. Olaplex includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. I have helped so many lovely ladies grow their hair, they’ve gone from broken, fine, straggly locks to a thick, shiny and healthy do that even the Kardashians would be jealous of! Click here to book your Olaplex treatment. I can help you grow your hair too!

Treat your hair to some TLC, please.

Hair Masks/Conditioning treatments – Olaplex is NOT a conditioning treatment, Olaplex works inside the hair, not outside! You will need a great conditioning treatment to go with your trim and Olaplex. My favourites are OSMO Deep Moisture or Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask – the prices differ hugely but I love both of them equally. The benefits of using a hair mask are that it will smooth down the hair cuticles that may be raised from colouring, heat or a bad blowdry! You should follow manufactures instructions on how to use but my top tips are to wrap your hair in cling film after the mask is applied (after shampoo but before conditioner) then add a towel and grab yourself a nice cuppa and snuggle up in your favourite cozy pjs. Click here for great aftercare advice.