INK London Nails

  • Massage a drop of our INK Cuticle Oil into each nail AT LEAST twice a day! YES! Twice a day! To keep your nails supple, hydrated and nourished. TIP – If you massage some in, then apply another drop and leave to soak into your nails, this will work magic!  INK Cuticle oil is retailed at £4.99 and has been made specifically to use with your INK Polish.
  • Wear gloves whenever you use chemicals, gardening or washing up.
  • Don’t touch Sun Cream or insect repellent as these contain Deet (Insect spray) and Lanolin (Sun Cream) which cause nails to lift.
  • Don’t soak your nails in water for too long. Including a bath, nails will expand and then contract when dry again – This in turn causes the nails to lift, chip and peel!
  • Some of the more delicate INK colours can fade if in contact with chlorinated water followed by excessive sun (bear in mind that chlorine is bleach and the sun will intensify the bleaching action). Please dry your hands after swimming and before sunbathing to avoid any colour fading.
  • Depending on your individual lifestyle, your INK manicure will require a fortnightly or three-weekly maintenance, as there will be obvious regrowth. At this point, we can either re-INK your nails (removing existing INK colour and applying a fresh, new colour) or remove INK completely, which takes a brief 8 minutes.
  • And lastly, whatever you do, DO NOT, pick your nails off!– I can ALWAYS tell who the fibbers are *wink*. It will take off layers of the natural nail and this in turn causes the nails to thin which means, weaker nails, polish chips, needs redoing again sooner, more money for you to spend in the long run.