Image by Brian Yurasits


My Values

In my salon, I source products that are as sustainable as possible, organic, vegan, ethical and cruelty free. This may mean not testing on animals, not buying products that are sold in China, buying vegan friendly products that contain no animal product or derivative's. The products must have low air miles and come without heaps of packaging. 

The hair and beauty industry is all about disposable, quick, cheap and result driven products. It's so hard to source everything as ethical as possible but I will always choose the best quality and as ethical as I can.

I have gone above and beyond, lowered my profit margins to bring, high cost, quality and sustainable products & equipment.

Sometimes, a vegan/ethical option isn't possible or doesn't give the best results. In this case, I will use a non vegan option but I will always clarify if the client is happy before using.

Salon Products

- Eco Towels, these are made from Bamboo fibres and can be composted after using. 

- Paper hand towels made from 100% recycled paper.

- Re-usable gowns or disposable (due to covid) but these are completely biodegradable and made only from natural wood fibres from sustainable forests. Click here to find out more.

- Organic hair colours & products - I use Oway and their products contain a glorious amount of essential oils, bio-dynamically grown on a small farm in Italy, Bologna. You can read more about why I use Oway here.

- The Gel Bottle for gel manicures, this is vegan and cruelty free.

- The salon is even decorated with eco/vegan paint from Victory Colours.