The 'new normal' guidelines...

So, how will we protect each other?

Lets firstly talk about PPE


For hair clients - Sanitiser, disposable gown, paper hand towels & disposable hair towels. (apart from sanitiser, these are all eco options) 


For nails, lash & brow clients - Sanitiser, Nail files, buffers & paper hand towels.


My PPE - Face mask where appropriate, visor at all times, gloves where suitable, cleanable apron. Regular hand washing & sanitiser


PPE will be sold to you but it will likely change in accordance to government guidelines if they decided to loosen or tighten PPE requirements. Expected costs are as follows;

Masks - £1 (option to bring your own) These are available if you require one but you do NOT need to wear one.

Hair Gown - £3.00 (This is a bio-degradable luxury eco gown which will keep you cooler than a plastic gown would during the summer months)


I will be cleaning and disinfecting the route from the front door to the salon room AND inside the salon room between every client, therefore, I am implementing cleaning time of 20 mins between every client.

 I have written a risk assessment for every treatment I offer and every risk within the salon regarding Covid-19. This will change in accordance to government guidelines.


I just want to lay out in black and white how exactly this will work. I know this is  strange and could be daunting for some people so I want to soothe any anxieties about attending your appointment. Please do ask if there’s anything else you’re unsure about.



  1. Please wait in the car, I will call you when I am ready for you. NB please make sure your mobile number on the booking system that you have provided is correct.

  2. I will open and greet you at the porch door with my face shield on.

  3. In the salon room, I will ask you to place your handbag in the box provided.

  4. You’ll then be kindly asked to wash your hands for 20 seconds in the and if you’re having nails done, you’ll need to use the nail brush provided to get all of those pesky germs out from under the nails.

  5. We will then proceed with the appointment and get you back to feeling you best self!

  6. Before you leave, you’ll be offered to sanitise your hands again.

What I need from you...

- Please arrive to your appointment on time and wait in the car for your text to come on in.

- Please refrain from bringing more coats/jackets/scarves than needed at your appointment.

- Please DO NOT use your phone or touch your items during your appointment.

- Fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire no more than 24 hrs before your appointment.

- Fill out any other consultation forms that are sent to you.

- Bring 1 bag max with you, this will be placed in a dedicated box that will be cleaned prior to your appointment.

- If you're having art or a restyle, please come prepared with ideas or have communicated some ideas with me prior to your appointment and show me before it goes into the box.

- Please do NOT attend your appointment if you're showing symptoms of COVID-19 such as a new or persistent cough, high temperature, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. (click here for the NHS website for more information)

- Also please do NOT attend your appointment if anyone in your household, support bubble or anyone you've been in contact with has been tested positive for COVID-19 or has any symptoms.

- Please either pay online prior to your appointment or using contactless - card and cash payments will be accepted but contactless is best.

- Please bring your own bottle of water or lidded drink (Please make sure its freshly washed) No food. 

- If you are shielding, please don't book an appointment until the letter says you can un-shield yourself.

What will I do for you?

- I will ensure the route from the front door to the salon is cleaned between every client using a 15 min blocked out cleaning time.

 - I am currently writing a risk assessment for my return to ensure all areas are as low risk as possible for your appointments.

- I'll send you all the relevant forms for you to fill out.

- I will always keep you updated whenever I get new information. 

- I will waive the cancellation fee for those who cancel with COVID-19 reasons. Please please please be honest about this. I am a small business as you know, trying to make this 'new normal' work everyone.

- I will be wearing the appropriate PPE for the service.

- I will try to remain eco conscious although as you can probably tell its hard to do so at the moment.

- I will keep myself updated with new legislation/guidance.

- I will answer any questions you may have.