COVID - 19 Policy updated 19/07/21

- Masks or face coverings must be worn still at every appointment, this will be reviewed regularly

- Sanitizer to be used at every appointment

- Please do not come with covid-19 symptoms

- If you arrive with any symptoms, you'll be kindly asked to leave but will be charged £10 missed appointment fee

- Cleaning time will still be used to clean the salon

- Social distancing is no longer required therefore there may be 2 people in the salon at one time - This could be someone having an appointment at the same time.

- Windows will still remain open in the salon

- If you have an appointment and are asked to self-isolate, please let me know with as much notice as possible

- Late Cancellation fee of £10 will be waived ONLY  if you have to self isolate or have a positive covid test. These are the only reasons for waiving the fee.