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Re:Nourish -This highly moisturising and hydrating conditioner, enriched with natural Orange and Cinnamon, nourishes and revitalises dry and damaged hair. Our vegan-friendly formula with complete colour protection will leave hair looking smooth & shiny and feeling strong & supple.. 


Re:Vamp - Our invigorating conditioner is specially formulated to thicken all hair types to provide a boost in volume. The vegan-friendly formula, with a blend of organic Bergamot and Vetivert, helps nourish hair from the follicles and provides a luscious finish for hair with full body and a natural, energised boost.


Re:Balance Our deeply nourishing and colour protecting conditioner helps restore the balance to dry and irritated scalps. With the natural and nutritiously rich vegan-friendly formula, blended with organic Peppermint and Lemongrass, hair will be revitalised and scalps soothed, leaving hair feeling energised, cleansed and refreshingly healthy.


Re:Generate - Our naturally gentle and deeply moisturising conditioner, infused with organic Bergamot and Vetivert, is the perfect vegan-friendly formula for hair that needs care daily. Enriched with essential nutrients, our colour protecting conditioner is delicate enough for everyday use on all hair types, but strong enough to protect hair with a shiny, hydrated finish.


Re:Move Yellow -This naturally gentle and nourishing conditioner, enriched with organic Lemongrass, Lavender and Cedarwood and packed full of powerful pigments, will add brightness and neutralise yellow tones in grey, silver and blonde hair. Our vegan-friendly formula helps to promote strength and revitalises hair for a fresh, bright and healthy finish.

FFOR Conditioner