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This cute lil' removal kit includes a small bottle of INK London Remover, an INK London Professional Nail File, Orange Stick, Cotton Pads & removal foils.


Great for removing gel polish & stopping those bad picking habits from forming! You know who you are ;)


Top Tip: You may want to add a hot water bottle, wheat bag warmed up or just a good old hot drink for warmth…


How to use...


  • Buff the top of the nails to file off the top coat (this is so that the acetone can soak through the gel polish)
  • Get the heated object ready to put in place (hot water bottle or wheat bag/hot drink) Please be careful with hot objects
  • Cut the cotton pads into quarters 
  • Carefully apply the acetone/remover to the pads
  • Place the pads on the nails
  • Wrap foil around the nail and secure the pad in place
  • Put on the hot water bottle/wheat bag and leave for 10 mins or more or enjoy your hot drink to warm your hands up.
  • After at least 10 mins, remove one foil at a time to check the progress. The gel should be crinkling up and loosening from the nail plate.
  • Nudge off the loose gel with the orange stick.
  • If there’s a little gel left on the nail plate, give it a little buff with the white block and apply the removal foils again for another 5 mins. 
  • Once all of the gel has come off, use the file to tidy and shape your nails.
  • Apply liberal amounts of cuticle oil to the nails to rehydrate your nails. You can buy that here.


Removal Kit

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