Hair cuts & Restyling

From £20

Your hair is your crown, while it REALLY doesn't matter what it looks like, it DOES matter how you feel about it. Good hair radiates confidence and confidence is the best crown you can ever wear. If you describe your hair as lifeless, dull, lank, messy, please book in asap! This is so damaging to self esteem and you deserve to feel the most confident sexy version of yourself. I can tidy it up for you, chop it off or perhaps reshape, restyle and correct your hair for you. 


Hair Colouring

From £40

Add tone, dimension, definition and shine by choosing to colour your hair using a beautiful range of organic hair products. From stormy black to Icy blonde, red, blue, pink... Whichever colour takes your fancy, rest assured I will find your perfect colour that suits your skin tone and face shape so beautifully, it'll be the hair colour you should have always had.


Gel Polish

From £26

Gel polish is an overlay of gel over the natural nail.

We offer plain, glitter, art or bespoke gel polish manicures or perhaps try our signature 'Surprise Manicure' if you're out of ideas or feeling daring! This is for fingers & toes.


Lash Lift

From £30

Lashes can make such an impact on your appearance and confidence. We offer a Lash lift which is an extremely popular treatment. It enhances, lifts and adds volume immediately. We also offer tinting which is great for adding depth to the colour. With the lash lift and tint combined, it'll certainly get you lots of compliments.


Brow & Lash Tinting

From £10

Wether you're a fair haired or a dark haired, I have a tint that will suit you, we can work together to get you to the perfect tint colour for your lashes and brows. I can make these bespoke to you. 

I use vegan & cruelty free tint made from plant extracts making it a product perfect for sensitive skin*.

* Skin test is required.



From £8

Threading is an ancient eastern art form. The technique is around 6000 years old and originated from eastern cultures in India and Iran.

Threading is where I, the expert, use cotton thread to remove hair to create a tidy shape while taking hair from the root. This generally causes less irritation than waxing.